New Life

Do you remember the excitement you felt when your child was born? The sense that all things for this person were possible. As a mom or a dad you did not see any limitations to what this child might accomplish. This was a new life. Perhaps we sense these possibilities for our child as if through them we get another chance to see a life lived without limits, a life without corruption, a life not limited by pre-conceived notions about our value and worth.

Because of Christ’s atoning work on the cross and our surrender to His power and might, we are promised a new life, a life of limitless possibilities. We are not limited by our short-comings and failure, Christ is sufficient for all of that. John chapter three tells us that we can be born again, born of the Spirit, not of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God. Is a life born of God a life with limits? Would you surrender your old life to God today? Are you ready to live a life born of God that is limitless? Surrender your life at the cross of Jesus Christ today and find New Life.

Pastor Jeff McInnis